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We practice exclusively in Napa and Solano  County.

50 years of local criminal law experience.

We know Napa and Solano.

We are here for you. Every day.

What Our Clients Say:


Rena S:

"I was referred to Jess Raphael after getting stopped for DUI in Napa. I was a nervous wreck since i have never had so much as a speeding ticket. I live out of state and never drive so this was a very rare occasion that I was driving period, let alone after having been drinking. Jess was very calming and reassuring and listened to all the crazy details of what happened. He handled my case in the best way possible with absolute minimum stress for me - i didn't even have to show up to court. Considering that my BAC was pretty high (didn't eat all day and did 3 tastings! - stupid me!), I consider the outcome an absolute blessing and I have Jess to thank for it. He knows the system, prosecutors, judges - he has obviously done thousands of these and knows exactly what to do to minimize consequences of one's stupidity. He even took my calls on vacation while preparing for my court date. I couldn't be more pleased!! Jess is simply the best."

Nicole N:

"We called Jess Raphael after an unfortunate event & he didn't hesitate to meet us on a Sunday morning, which immediately put us at ease - after going over details we felt confident putting our case in Jess' (extremely capable) hands.

Jess Raphael really shines in the courtroom - not only is he as knowledgeable as they come when it comes to the law (seriously, this man pulled case law out of his back pocket that shocked even the judge), but he was always 3 steps ahead of the prosecutor, all while remaining professional & respectful to all parties involved. 

Nothing is scarier than leaving your fate in the hands of strangers, but I assure you Jess will fight for your well being until the very end - I went from loosing all faith in our justice system due to the bleak situation I was in to faith completely restored as Jess cried tears of joy with me when our verdict was read.

I can rest easy knowing that Jess Raphael is my legal counsel & wont ever have to think twice before recommending his expertise to any of my loved ones - THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING, JESS!"

Rob G.:

"Life Saver!

 Jess was there to navigate every aspect and not only calm nerves but settled the case with a better outcome than I could have possibly hoped for! (basically just paid a traffic ticket in the end). He was always available, even answering his phone on vacation and going out of his way to meet me whenever needed.

The biggest factor is he actually cares. I hired a "big time" lawyer in the past, someone who had made a ton of promises and then was basically too busy for me AFTER I paid him, no joke left me at the court house before the case was even settled, forcing me to have to take on roles that I was specifically paying that guy to handle. 

If you have any doubt I highly recommend calling and meeting with him. That was all it took for me to know he was the right guy to handle my case. 

For my money he is the best you could ever hope to get, as a lawyer, and as a human being."

Ferris B:

"Jess did a phenomenal job representing my best interest on a DUI case.  He was patient and maintained excellent communication throughout the process.  He leveraged multiple resources including expert witnesses to strengthen my case, filed motions, and was prepared to Fight at trial.  Mr. Raphael negotiated until the very end, and miraculously got the charges reduced to a "traffic ticket."  This gave me the option to avoid trial.  
When the agreement was reached, the judge scratched her head and the bailiff later pulled him aside and asked how he did it..  After the case was settled, Jess reimbursed my funds held in escrow.  At some point, I got the impression he was not doing this for the money, rather, he genuninly enjoys helping the accused caught in the system.    
I would retain his services again, but hopefully, I will never need to."

These testimonials do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.

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